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The people shape their own destiny -- either as free people or as slaves.
If the people are armed, the people stay free.

The White House released a statement regarding the gun control in the Obama version of the 2015 federal budget: [Mr. Obama] supports his "Now is the Time" initiative, the President’s plan to protect our children and our communities by reducing gun violence through improved background checks by the FBI and improved data via the National Criminal History Improvement Program, inspections of Federally-licensed firearms dealers, improved tracing and ballistics analysis, and efforts to keep guns out of the hands of dangerous criminals. The Budget provides training for State and local law enforcement to prevent and respond to active shooters and prevent mass casualties, invests in programs to identify mental health issues early and continues the Comprehensive School Safety Program and other initiatives to enhance school security.
  • "Improved background checks ... and improved data" means a national gun registry.
  • More "inspections of Federally-licensed firearms dealers" means Obama wants to shut down Federally licenced firearms dealers for minor spelling errors and the like.
  • "Improved tracing and ballistics analysis" is code for imposing micro-stamping and smart guns. Both are failed technologies, suggestin Obama and his als would use this to deny us our right.
  • Additional training and support for local law enforcement means a further militarization of the police.
  • "Identify mental health issues early" means deny the people the right to be armed straight up. You can hear them saying, "So you want a gun, eh? You must be sick. Denied."
  • Comprehensive School Safety Program. Schools will become even more adamantly “gun-free zones.” This Obmam-idea will make children more vulnerable. Make the kids safer by supplying armed patrols in schools and they will be safer for the kids.
Obama's one new way of doing things would copy Washington State's Initiative 594 and make it illegal to loan a gun to friend or give one to a family member without government approval.

Just to cheer you up, the UN gun ban treaty is still before the Senate: A grim time table for our loss of our rights is posted here.